TM2 Hosted

Keep your data in the Cloud

TM2 Hosted is an online solution with your data stored safely in our secure data centre. This allows for flexible online services such as TM2 Online as well as providing the ability to access TM2 from anywhere.

Keep your Important Data Safe

With multiple redundancies, a comprehensive backup storage system, full archive and multiple current copies, your data is safe with us. Reduce your risk of data loss from natural disaster, theft or human error when you utilise the TM2 Hosted solution.

Reduce Hardware Costs and Maintenance

Reduce the financial and time costs of maintaining your own complex server and network hardware as well as reducing time spent backing up your data. With TM2 Hosted our experienced IT professionals do all the work for you.

Access TM2 from Anywhere

Want to access your Practice Management Software from home or while on the road. TM2 Hosted is the solution allowing you to access your system from anywhere there is an internet connection.

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