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  • Appointment Bookings Reminders

    August 25, 2014


    While SMS appointment reminders are still the most popular and effective solution for advising clients of upcoming appointments the proliferation of smart devices means that more and more your patients will be carrying their email and calendar around in their pocket.

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  • Printed Paper Workflow

    August 11, 2014


    A big challenge with going paperless is ensuring that any paper records that come into your clinic are scanned and stored digitally. The best way to make sure nothing is missed is to have a specific workflow to handle these documents. Some key points you should make sure to address are: Establish a  place for […]

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  • 5 things to consider in clinic e-note software

    July 28, 2014


    Have you found an e-note solution for your business? Below are some things to consider when looking for a suitable program.

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  • Getting extra training

    May 26, 2014


    If you don’t think you are getting 100% out of your software application, now might be the time to ask for some additional training. As with all advanced software applications the are a wide variety of functions available in TM2.

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  • Important Microsoft Security Announcement

    March 27, 2014

    Internet Security

    We would like to alert our readers to the recent announcement from Microsoft regarding a Microsoft Word Vulnerability. This vulnerability exists in .rtf files and has been seen as part of attacks via email attachment.

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